James D. Litton

Statement of Qualifications

January 2012

I have more than 40 years of experience in Satellite Navigation, including GPS prior to the approval of GPS development by the United States Air Force. My work has given me extensive access to information sources, other experts, and various colleagues from industrial and U.S. government programs in GNSS and applications. My experience and contacts are of value to clients who are seeking guidance in applications and technology assessments. Most of the key signal processing and positioning developments in my resume originated with groups that I managed and funded. The bets I made were good ones, including founding NavCom Technology Inc. with Litton Consulting Group colleagues Ron Hatch, Jalal Alisobhani and the late K.T. Woo prior to selling Navcom to Deere & Co.

I managed that business for Deere and Company for eight years after selling it to John Deere and assumed a number of technical and strategic management roles in John Deere, in addition to the NavCom portfolio. I have led many successful developments and learned how to identify problems in large and small client companies.

I can quickly and accurately assess the risks and value of developments and identify partners to help with developments that should be partially or wholly outsourced. Organizational molasses, usually caused by the accretion of bad habits, weaker-than-needed leadership and excessive emphasis on secondary priorities can cause programs to fail to make their markets on time and to become obsolete. Larger companies are more vulnerable to these effects than are many smaller companies, whose limitations are typically cash management and unrealistic schedules.

My assessments are usually made in a design and program review context after agreement with the client’s management on mission and resources. Often, there is a need for objective external evaluation such as I can provide to identify the limiting conditions and problems and to devise solutions or alternative ideas. I enjoy this kind of work and have a high rate of success in obtaining buy-in from those with full-time responsibility. I write quickly and well in creating proposals and reports to acquire funding and partnerships. I have a good understanding of intellectual property matters, both in protection of such and in conflict resolution. I have helped various companies avoid losses from the assertion of patents that were invalid or that were not infringed by the clients’ developments.

I am available for travel. References and non-confidential program histories and detailed accomplishments will be provided upon request.          

James D. Litton
4275 Rosario Road
Woodland Hills, CA 91364,
phone: 818-883-1849